Why Are Meetings at Sea Trending?

Everyone enjoys a cruise, so what better place for an incentive? As more and more meeting planners are hopping on the meetings-at-sea trend, cruise lines are noticing. With many all-inclusive options, and often group packages, taking a group aboard a cruise ship for an incentive trip or meeting is more cost-effective than ever. Working with and sticking to a budget, as well as planning the logistics of a trip, becomes much easier when the rooms, venues, restaurants, activities, and entertainment are all in one place.

Cruises with all-incentive options are attractive to buyers and attendees because you know what it is going to cost, it reduces the out-of-pocket expenses for trip winners, guests get to experience various ports of call without having to worry about travel in-between destinations, and with a captive audience there is the opportunity for spontaneous networking and team building activities. Many meeting planners find that one of the biggest benefits of cruising, and one that increases the return on investment, is the non-stop networking opportunities. Unlike big cities where everyone can scatter, the close-proximity that cruise ships provide increase the possibility of bumping into and spending time with fellow group members. You want your guests to spend time together, collaborate, and share ideas, and what better place than a ship at sea?

While there has been a recent focus on luxury lines and river cruises – which provide a more exclusive, personalized, and unique experience – big ships shouldn’t be overlooked. They tend to hit the most popular destinations, and while a single group won’t be the only group of people aboard, ships can still accommodate private receptions, functions, and excursions that cater to every need and will make guests feel special. Oftentimes conference centers are offered at no extra cost, and the audio-video equipment is complimentary. With everything you need in one place, it makes it easier for meeting planners to balance the itinerary between business and personal time for guests, and there are savings in time and energy as well. There is no need to hire entertainment, as it is found all day throughout the ship, and time is saved when you don’t have to worry about planning the menu to an elaborately catered dinner. Most ships have onboard group planners and event coordinators that can present you with every event possibility in an organized manner and can make it much easier for you to produce a unique meeting and trip that won’t be forgotten.

The time is now to hop onto this trend. As more and more meeting planners are electing to host their events aboard ships, cruise lines are more accommodating than ever. Let us help you plan your next event!