How to Keep Your Information Safe While Traveling

  Most frequent travelers like to think they know how to keep themselves safe, whether it be making sure all your valuables are secure or having the habit of checking your seat every time you get up, but there are a few security risks that are often overlooked not matter how obvious they might seem,…Read More

Your Rights as a Passenger – How you are protected when problems arise at the airport

Flight cancellations and delays have become increasingly common over the past few years. Dealing with issues while traveling is never fun, and the atmosphere in a busy airport doesn’t help. But when you encounter problems, your rights as a passenger won’t be found in consumer-friends state laws, they will be found within international treaties, federal…Read More

Conquering Your Fear of Flying

Many people have fears and anxieties when it comes to flying, which can be stressful when it can’t be avoided. Whether its for business, a big family trip, or to get to your dream destination, these expert tips can help ease some of that stress so that you can enjoy your voyage. Learn How a…Read More

Visit San Diego!

Charting on Cvent’s list of Top 50 Destinations in the US in 2013 and 2014, San Diego is a top contender when planning where to host your next event. Not only is the city one of the most technologically advanced, it’s packed with endless shops, restaurants, cafes, and meeting venues. With 70 miles of beaches,…Read More

Avoid Extra Add-On Fees with All-Inclusive Packages

Travelers are finding that more and more hotels and resorts are increasing and expanding their list of add-on charges and fees. On their own, these fees can seem trivial, but they can stack up and catch guests by surprise. Airlines have been adding extra charges and fees for years; anything from checking luggage, picking your…Read More