Avoid Extra Add-On Fees with All-Inclusive Packages

Travelers are finding that more and more hotels and resorts are increasing and expanding their list of add-on charges and fees. On their own, these fees can seem trivial, but they can stack up and catch guests by surprise. Airlines have been adding extra charges and fees for years; anything from checking luggage, picking your seat ahead of time, and boarding early can cost you extra. Hotels and resorts are catching up to this trend and fewer services come for free. Hotels will be taking $2.25 billion in revenue from add-on fees this year, more than ever before.

These add-on charges can come in the form of internet fees, early check-in fees, being charged for having a package sent to you, mandatory tips, or being charged for personal use of the mini bar. The Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas charges guests $25 a day for personal use of the mini bar fridge to store drinks and offers the option of having a separate mini fridge brought up to the room for $35 a night.

Some resorts and hotels also charge nightly fees for use of their amenities like pools, gyms, lounge chairs, and internet. Added to the nightly cost of a room, staying at a hotel becomes costly very fast. All-inclusive resorts have become a popular money-saving option among large groups, incentive planners, and event hosts. All-inclusive packages can save groups plenty of money and not having to worry about going over the budget frees planners from stress. Packages can include anything from food and drinks to meeting and function spaces.

If worry-free planning is what you are looking for, an All-Inclusive package might be right for you. Check out our all-inclusive page for more information.