Are You Protected?

Do you know what your company covers when you travel on business? Many companies provide travel insurance for its employees during business trips, but whether it is insurance you are purchasing yourself for vacation or insurance your company is providing for business travel, it is important to know what is covered. Shopping for travel insurance requires…Read More

How to Keep Your Information Safe While Traveling

  Most frequent travelers like to think they know how to keep themselves safe, whether it be making sure all your valuables are secure or having the habit of checking your seat every time you get up, but there are a few security risks that are often overlooked not matter how obvious they might seem,…Read More

Your Rights as a Passenger – How you are protected when problems arise at the airport

Flight cancellations and delays have become increasingly common over the past few years. Dealing with issues while traveling is never fun, and the atmosphere in a busy airport doesn’t help. But when you encounter problems, your rights as a passenger won’t be found in consumer-friends state laws, they will be found within international treaties, federal…Read More

Why Cruise?

When deciding whether to host your meeting, incentive, conference, or event on land or at sea, knowing what is offered and included can help you make your choice. Meetings at sea can help you meet your budget and give your attendees a trip they won’t forget. Why should I plan a program at sea? Unpack…Read More

Which River Cruise is Right for You?

Choosing a river cruise for your event or trip can be overwhelming when there are so many different choices. Are included alcoholic beverages a must? Are you active and prefer having a good fitness center onboard and bikes at port? Knowing what each different cruise line offers can make planning your trip easier. We’ve taken…Read More

Cruise Specialty Restaurants Worth the Splurge

Dining aboard a cruise ship doesn’t have to be confined to the buffet and main dining rooms. With specialty restaurants on nearly every ship, you can enjoy the gourmet foods of both original restaurants and extensions of already popular brands. Most of these specialty dining venues are not included and will require extra payment, but…Read More

Bringing Alcohol Onboard Cruises

Every cruise ship has a different alcohol policy on what you are and aren’t allowed to bring onboard with you on the day of embarkation. No one likes to be caught off guard with corkage fees and getting alcohol confiscated is never a fun way to start to your vacation. We’ve gathered the policies on…Read More

Caribbean Cruising During Hurricane Season: What to Keep in Mind

As the summer winds down, many decide that it is a perfect time to book a Caribbean cruise. With kids back in school and the summer heat fading, this time of year is appealing to many. However, when planning a Caribbean vacation in August through October, it’s important to keep in mind that is is…Read More

The World’s Best Travel Jacket – BauBax

We’ve all been there, at the airport wishing we had more pockets, or digging through your carry on looking for that one important thing you misplaced. When it comes to traveling, you want everything to go as smooth as possible, and this new Kickstarter is hoping to help you do just that. BauBax, or the…Read More

Top 10 New UNESCO Sites

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Program, which began in 1978 with just 12 sites, added 24 new ones to the list, making the new total 1,031. These 10 sites are just a few of the highlights from this most recent addition. Champagne Hillsides, Houses, and Cellars, France Although it has been a center for wine…Read More